Saturday, December 11, 2010

Brown Ajah, apparently

According to the several tests I just wasted time with took, I'd be a Brown. That really doesn't surprise me, actually. I'm not really suited to Green... I'm not a warrior all the time (although, if I were in Randland I'd definitely use all my knowledge to fight the DO), and Blue's manipulative ways doesn't appeal to me. White is too cold and impassive, and I get the sneaking suspicion that I have too much of a temper to be a Grey. Now that saidin's been cleansed, there's really no sense in choosing Red. I would be a Yellow, except I think they're too specialized, and I would want to do more.

I'd definitely choose the Brown. I'd been like a more-awesome Verin, except not dead and not Darkfriend.
That said, given RJ's love of a good mind-fuck, I'm not entirely convinced that Verin's really dead. We shall see.

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