Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Freezing cold basement blues

I have lived in basement bedrooms for the past 2 years now. I'm not truly complaining... my bedroom this year is the biggest in the apartment (which I share with two roommates)... but it is, nevertheless, a basement in Ottawa. It is really cold in Ottawa. It's the beginning of December and we had our first snow two days ago, and temperatures have dropped below chilly, nippy and frosty into just plain cold. My basement temperature has dropped accordingly.

Unfortunately this drop coincides with exam time, the only time where I spend long periods of time glued to my desk downstairs, ferociously thinking away. Sad face. This cold makes my mind wander away from organizational communication (not a particularly difficult feat, but still) into the warm and happy lands of yarn and fuzzy.

I must knit some sort of lap blanket. And more fingerless gloves. And leg warmers.

But only after I finish Christmas presents. Le sigh.

Perhaps I should just turn up the heat instead.

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