Sunday, December 12, 2010

I did it!

Well apparently guilt-induced guilt is very effective!

I did finally get around to studying last night (not very much, but hey it's something). I just finished the exam about 2 hours ago. And it died under my pencil... it begged for mercy... but I spared no question! Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! And I knitted... unfortunately it's for Christmas so I can't really give any details. But I'm about one pattern repeat away from completion!

Here is a picture of the yarn, though. I'll get pictures of the FO up after Christmas, but for now this will do.
And I shall call it squishy and it shall be my squishy...
For those of you wondering, this deliciousness is Diamond Yarn Luxury Baby Alpaca Sport (link goes to Ravelry). And oh boy they aren't kidding when they say luxury. It's so soft and nice and I'm sorely tempted to keep this present for myself but I won't, because that would just be silly  bad probably not so good.

Part of the reason I got so much done yesterday knitting-wise was because I was watching TV at the same time. I find it really, really difficult to just sit down and knit, unless the pattern is really complicated or something. This project I'm working on now is dead simple, mostly stockinette... and so it doesn't really need my full attention. Last night I knit and watched episodes of Full Metal Alchemist, which sounds is really nerdy. My defense is that my boyfriend started watching it and recommended it to me. Haha. I can never seem to get motivated enough to "just knit"... although I've got my eye on some really pretty lace patterns, so I might need to break that habit. I knit in cars, on buses, in class, while watching TV... but hardly ever just by itself. I'm currently hunting around for an audio book copy of WoT book one The Eye of The World to see if maybe I could listen to reading and knit at the same time. I generally much prefer to read a book myself, but I'll discuss that in another post, I guess.
I promised pictures of fresh baked bread a few days back, and I have a confession to make... I totally ate all the bread before taking pictures of it. Instead you get a conciliatory photo of these really cool penguin crackers President's Choice has started making. President's Choice, for all you non-Canadians out there, is a supermarket brand that makes some really tasty stuff*.

Trying to make love work despite a cable needle chasm... much more charming than those stupid Red Bull commercials.

Anyhow, lovelies, I shall post again at a later date. (Tomorrow, probably, but saying "at a later date" is more suspenseful)

* I am in no way affiliated with PC. 

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